The Strange Ones

Collection (2000- 2020)

Paintings: Acrylic & Varnish


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The "Strange Ones" is a collection of paintings based on my interpretation of individuality and anonymous subjectivity. Each painting shows a side of my life which mixes the spirituality and humanity of our existence.  Bright colors bring out the passion, love, and positivity from my life experiences.  An idea of movement and unrestrained freedom from within the characters is also apparent in each of these paintings.  The underlying theme is “Everyone is strange yet perfect in their own unique way.”

Various Paintings  



This selection of paintings is a sample of my work done in the past several years.

Digital Arts 




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© 2020 All pieces of artwork created by I.K.Iosifelli . All rights reserved

© 2021 All pieces of artwork created by I.K.Iosifelli ,Ioanna Iosifellis. All rights reserved

Fairytale Clouds

24'' x 16'' (60cm x 40cm)